On May 25, 2022, Durham Region Council voted to sacrifice about 3770 hectares (9300 acres) of farmland for more suburban sprawl between now and 2050. In so doing the Council, by a vote of 16-11, rejected the extensive recommendations of its own professional planning staff, and rejected nearly all the public input received from concerned citizens. Instead, Council endorsed the planning scenario favoured by the big developers and land speculators in BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association).

The Region’s own professional staff warned that this BILD scenario of continued sprawl will make it difficult or impossible for the Region to meet its climate goals, and will make it difficult or impossible to build and maintain adequate public transit.

Housing Scenario 2A:

2,600 hectares/6,425 acres​

Employment Scenario 2:

1,171 hectares/2,894 acres

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Durham Regional Council has 29 members. Members include the Regional Chair and mayors from the eight local area municipalities. Regional Councillors from the eight local area municipalities are also members. 

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(How do I register as a delegation?)

To speak at a Durham Regional Council or Committee meeting, you must make a written request to be added to the meeting agenda by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. 

Send email to delegations@durham.ca and include:

  • the date of the meeting you wish to speak at

  • the subject matter or topic you would like to speak about

  • the name of the person who will be speaking

  • contact information (such as address, email and telephone number)

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If you miss the deadline and the subject matter you wish to speak to is included on the Council or Committee agenda, send an email requesting to be added to an addendum for the meeting by 12 noon on the day before the meeting.

Your name and address will become part of the public record and may be posted on the Region's website as part of the meeting minutes.

Note: Individuals must first appear before the Committee responsible for the matter before speaking to Regional Council, unless the matter has been put forward directly to Council on an agenda without first being considered by a Committee.

When submitting a letter you must include:

- first and last name

- city of residence 

- daytime phone number for verification purposes (this number will not be published).

Due to space restrictions in print, letter writers are generally limited to 200 words and one submission in 30 days. Longer letters will appear online at durhamregion.com only. 

Keep it simple and to the point. Tell readers why this issue matters to you. The editor may edit letters for length, style and clarity. 

Submit your letter to: Mike Johnston (mjohnston@durhamregion.com), Managing Editor, Metroland Durham Region Media Group. Also CC: newsroom@durhamregion.com

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