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Durham Regional Council has 29 members. Members include the Regional Chair and mayors from the eight local area municipalities. Regional Councillors from the eight local area municipalities are also members. 

Contact information for all members can be found HERE

(How do I register as a delegation?)

To speak at a Durham Regional Council or Committee meeting, you must make a written request to be added to the meeting agenda by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. 

Send email to and include:

  • the date of the meeting you wish to speak at

  • the subject matter or topic you would like to speak about

  • the name of the person who will be speaking

  • contact information (such as address, email and telephone number)

  • any audio-visual requirements

If you miss the deadline and the subject matter you wish to speak to is included on the Council or Committee agenda, send an email requesting to be added to an addendum for the meeting by 12 noon on the day before the meeting.

Your name and address will become part of the public record and may be posted on the Region's website as part of the meeting minutes.

Note: Individuals must first appear before the Committee responsible for the matter before speaking to Regional Council, unless the matter has been put forward directly to Council on an agenda without first being considered by a Committee.

The Toronto Star

Send your contribution to Letters to the Editor via email to;


Letters must include full name, address and all phone numbers of sender (daytime, evening and cellphone). Street names and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right to edit letters, which typically run 50-150 words. 


Over the past few years, residents of Durham Region – including members of Land Over Landings and Environmental Action Now Ajax-Pickering – rallied to save Duffins Creek. Now we’re fighting to protect the headwaters of Carruthers Creek, and much more. It’s easy to see the value of specific natural areas in our communities – but the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is harder to wrap your head around because the complex government process will determine how much green space and farmland is opened up to growth before it decides where! In a nutshell, we’re defending abstract acres – chunks of land known as "the whitebelt", most likely areas of prime farmland and Class 1 soil, vital carbon sinks, and natural habitat. 

Because the MCR is already well underway and big developers are lobbying hard for more land for sprawl, it is urgent that we all get involved! Read more

"Missing Middle Housing is a range of house-scale buildings with multiple units—compatible in scale and form with detached single-family homes—located in a walkable neighborhood."

See examples and learn much more here:


Click here for a glossary of terms provided by the Region of Durham.


Send us an email so we can add it our list of FAQs!

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