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We can build affordable housing options, protect farmland and natural areas, promote viable public transportation, create neighbourhoods that are safe for walking and cycling, AND reduce our carbon footprint.


The solution lies in creating complete communities, with a range of housing types and a mix of schools, stores, workplaces and parks, within our existing urban boundaries.


Join us in demanding that Durham Regional leaders aim higher and deliver sustainable neighbourhoods that benefit ALL of us!



Durham Region needs more homes and jobs – but we don't need to pave over our farmland and natural heritage to make that happen! And we don’t need to bankrupt our communities’ futures by building more and more costly infrastructure stretching across rural areas.


What we need are GENTLE DENSITY and MISSING MIDDLE housing. The two extremes of housing – large districts with only single-family homes, and other districts that are forests of high-rise towers – do not provide the flexibility or quality of life that our communities deserve. Instead, we need flexible zoning that will allow duplexes, small apartment buildings, and Accessory Dwelling Units (aka in-law suites) within most residential neighbourhoods.


With MISSING MIDDLE housing we can make housing affordable again for young adults, single adults, new families, and elders who want to downsize while staying in their own familiar neighbourhoods.


With GENTLE DENSITY we can maintain the character of our neighbourhoods, create new transportation options, protect our rural areas, and strengthen climate resilience.


We want Durham Region to STOP SPRAWL. We want our leaders to CONSERVE our tax dollars and PROTECT vulnerable watersheds, wildlife habitat, and rare Class 1 soils and prime farmland. 


  1. Design Safe Walkable & Bike-Able Communities

  2. Grow Inward First And Use Current Growth Areas Efficiently

  3. Improve And Increase Transit Options

  4. Build Affordable Housing Where A Car-Free Lifestyle Is Possible

  5. Protect And Improve The Health Of Our Lakes And Rivers

  6. Plant New Trees And Prevent Our Current Trees From Being Cut Down

  7. Conserve Farmland For Food And Carbon Sequestration

  8. Protect Us From Flooding And Climate Disasters

  9. Help All Of Us Prepare For A Net-Zero-Carbon World


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